5 Best Pancake Breakfast Places in Waikiki That Turned Our Vacation into a Pancake Paradise

Here are the 5 best pancake breakfast places in Waikiki that turned our vacation into a pancake paradise:

1. Cinnamon’s Restaurant: We visited Cinnamon’s in Waikiki, and their macadamia nut pancakes were so tasty that we want to return here every day for the rest of my trip.

2. MAC 24/7: The pancakes were so enormous that we managed to find a way to savor every bite, leaving me happily full until dinnertime.

3. Eggs ‘n Things: The pancakes were undeniably delicious, but we couldn’t help but be tempted by the mouthwatering traditional breakfasts that other tourists were enjoying. The variety of flavors on display made me want to try something new on my next visit.

Eggs ‘n Things was really busy, so while I was waiting, I took a quick photo of their sign.

4. Bogart’s Cafe to have a laid-back vibe, and their unique pancakes with tropical flavors were a pleasant surprise. The Banana Macadamia Nut pancakes, in particular, were absolutely off the hook!

5. IHOP: After our third day in Waikiki, my friend wanted something more traditional and suggested pancakes at IHOP. This is our third pancake shop in as many days.

The red element in the IHOP logo resembles a smile, and that’s exactly how I feel when a plate of juicy pancakes is placed in front of me.

Our Waikiki trip originally planned for sun and surf unexpectedly transformed into a pancake paradise.

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