8 Best Traditional Souvenir Shops in Waikiki for Gifts That Capture the Spirit of Old Hawaii

Here is a list of 8 best traditional souvenir shops in Waikiki for gifts that capture the spirit of the old Hawaii.

1. Simply Hawaii: Here, you can discover a variety of authentic Hawaiian souvenirs like clothes and decorations for your home.

simply hawaii

Before stepping into the Simply Hawaii gift shop, I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful vintage mannequin gracing the storefront.

2. FHL Hawaiian Gifts is a store that specializes in traditional Hawaiian gifts and collectibles. They have a diverse selection of items that celebrate the island’s vibrant culture and history.

I was eager to check out the popular Waikiki souvenir store, but unfortunately, I arrived too early and found it closed. I’ll have to wait a bit longer to get my hands on some special Hawaiian keepsakes.

3. W A Muumuu & Gift Shop is a place where you can find a beautiful selection of Hawaiian dresses, muumuus, and special gifts that truly represent the spirit of the islands.

The W A Muumuu gift shop in Waikiki offered a wide range of colorful Hawaiian clothing for women, making it a delightful place to shop. However, due to limited time, I would need to come back again to fully explore the numerous options and choose the perfect attire.

4. DKTL Gift Shop is a store that sells a curated collection of Hawaiian-inspired items, including jewelry and home decorations.

5. Honolulu Souvenirs is your go-to shop for traditional Hawaiian souvenirs, including leis, shirts, and one-of-a-kind gifts.

6. Tiki Products: Discover items inspired by tiki culture, such as decorations and accessories that honor Polynesian customs.

7. Hawaii Gift Shop is the perfect place to find all your traditional Hawaiian souvenirs. They have a wide variety of items available, such as leis and aloha shirts.

8. Wailana Hawaiian Gift Outlet is a hidden gem for those seeking authentic Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs. This charming boutique offers a wide range of choices, from classic aloha shirts to carved tikis and leis.

Enjoy shopping at these special souvenir shops in Waikiki! You’ll find the perfect souvenir to remember your Hawaiian trip. These cute stores have lots of traditional items and locally made treasures that represent Waikiki. Have fun shopping!

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